Chase Cellars Winemaker Social

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019
6:00PM to 7:00PM
$75 per person, plus tax and 22% service fee
21+ Only  | Extremely Limited Availability

Ticket price includes a personalized winemaker-guided wine tasting featuring four 3-oz wine tastings and light bites. Wines will also be available for purchase by the glass or bottle based on availability.

Featured Wines:

  • 2014 Chase Hayne Zinfandel (Wine Advocate 95 points)
  • 2014 Chase Hayne Reserve Zinfandel (Wine Advocate 97 points)   
  • 2014 Chase Petite Sirah (Wine Advocate 95 points)
  • 2016 Chase Rosé of Zinfandel  

Winemaker Social Series

Our unique Winemaker Social Series offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to taste wines rarely available in Utah while meeting world-class winemakers, an experience that few people have enjoyed outside of a trip to wine country (and often only with a personal appointment once there). We bring the relaxed, ultra-personalized experience of a private vineyard visit to our cozy Wine Cellar at tupelo Park City.

About Chase Cellars

In the heart of Saint Helena, Chase Cellar's historic Hayne Vineyard is home to 112-year old heritage Zinfandel vines, and the source of some of the most highly rated Zinfandel in California (i.e., Turley Wine Cellars). Like living works of art, each of these old vines is a unique spirit unto itself.

Their vines are dry farmed, head-trained, hand-tended and managed sustainably with lots of love and no chemical intervention — the same way their family has done it for five generations.

About the Winemakers


“It’s pretty amazing to think about being the fifth generation steward of this property. As the great-great granddaughter of William and Sarah Chase Bourn, the original owners of this land purchased in 1872, it’s quite an honor to call this special place home and to be able to carry on its important legacy. I love that we have a place that offers family and friends a place to find a little peace, joy, great wine and magic in our busy world. And the vines… they make my heart sing. Over 115 years old, they’re wise and storied — they are the heartbeat of Hayne Vineyard, and the soul of the wines we produce.

While the vineyard has been around for five generations, it was my younger brother Andy, who developed the Chase Cellars brand back in 1998. I took over the day-to-day operations in 2012, with the goal of maintaining the legacy of our vineyard through sustainable farming, and business practices, so we can ensure the integrity of this place survives for generations to come.”


We admit it, the countless number of 90- to 100-point scores from the most respected wine critics in the world were the reason we initially reached out to Russell about becoming our winemaker. However it was his personality that ultimately won us over.

High energy and passionate are some of the words people often use to describe Russell, but we’re not sure those adjectives do him justice. Pure artist, Russell is assiduously creative and generally over the top when it comes to just about everything having to do with making great wine. But he’s also a hell of a lot of fun. He speaks in terms of good karma in his wines, and his energy is infectious. Best of all, as someone who’s spent a formidable career seeking out the most iconic vineyards in California he is, without a doubt, head over heels in love with our old vines; and you know that love is something you can actually taste.

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