Celebrating the 2016 FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup in Style

[Photo by Martin Morris]

These days, it feels like Park City never sleeps!

One high-profile fest leaves the stage, another high-flying event takes its place. The celebs, cinephiles, and indie royalty of Sundance may have flown the coop—but the 2016 FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup is just getting started!

Arranged by the International Ski Federation (or FIS—Fédération Internationale de Ski), this is one of Park City’s most extreme happenings. Athletes from all over the world come to show their stuff in moguls, aerials, ski cross, halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air competitions.

And trust us, this competition is just as fun for onlookers as it is for the athletes. If it’s your first time in Park City during the World Cup, you’re in for a treat—just don’t forget to refuel at tupelo for an appropriately internationally-inspired meal.

Our Favorite Parts of the Freestyle Ski World Cup

The party got started with a bang on Wednesday, as the opening ceremony and outdoor concert had us dancing down Main Street—not too far from tupelo! The pomp, circumstance, and celebrations were capped by a dazzling fireworks display.

Now the real competition begins. The fan favorites are invariably the aerials finals on Friday evening and the moguls competition on Saturday evening. All events are held at the Deer Valley Resort, just a (free) six-minute bus ride from Main Street.

Of course, the viewing area is perched atop a steep ski slope. Sure, you could take the lift up, but where’s the fun in that? We love to bundle up, summit the slope, and find some friendly faces in the crowd. (Here’s a pro tip: bring a flask o’ something to stay warm—we won’t tell if you promise to share!)

After the champions are crowned, take a slightly-tipsy slip-‘n-slide hike or glissade on down, catch the bus back to Main Street, and park yourself at tupelo for a locally-sourced, freshly-prepped dinner.