Liquor License Approved

It's common knowledge that the liquor laws in Utah can be... tricky to navigate. There are oodles of articles and, in fact, our local paper published one about us last week.

When you open a restaurant here, you must submit an application for the type of liquor license you would like. That can vary from Beer Only, Limited Service (Beer & Wine), Full Service (Beer, Wine, & Spirits, but only with food)... and then there's the Club License, which allows the most flexibility, but is in the scarcest supply. Getting approved for one is never guaranteed and I'll admit that I've been losing sleep over it for the last few weeks.

LUCKILY, as of yesterday, tupelo was approved for a Club Liquor License!

In Utah, that means we'll be able to serve a full selection of wine, beer (including "heavy" beer, which is over 3.2% ABV), and spirits from 10AM to 1AM. We can also serve alcoholic beverages even if you are not dining with us (although we certainly hope you do), which will make our bar a lovely gathering place for pre- or post-dinner cocktails, apres ski, or if you have a rough week at work.

Our crew is developing our wine selection and an excellent mixology program. We're looking forward to raising a glass in celebration with you.